For problems with thinning hair, PRP treatments and Sunetics laser hair restoration are both worth considering. Many patients prefer these options over the alternatives because of the advantages they offer. PRP for hair regrowth is a popular procedure, and it treats thinning hair with a natural formula. Sunetics is another top treatment option, and it doesn’t involve the use of drugs or surgery.

Benefits of Sunetics for Hair Regrowth

Hair loss is a progressive problem, which means it worsens over time, and it can negatively affect your self-esteem, confidence, personal relationships and career. Every year, thousands of patients start to feel the effects of this problem, and it’s not uncommon for people to try many non-invasive treatments.

Prescription drugs are popular, but they’re not very safe for some women, and they can cause significant sexual problems for some men. Gels and topical solutions require a lifetime commitment and may still not be effective.

The Sunetics laser serves as a better solution for hair loss, and it doesn’t involve side effects, surgery, drugs or discomfort. Since the Sunetics laser heals the follicle, it offers long-lasting results. After undergoing laser therapy, 99 percent of patients experience less shedding, and the problem begins to stabilize.

Over time, 90 percent of patients enjoy measurable hair regrowth. A major benefit of this laser treatment for hair loss is the lack of discomfort, and the Sunetics laser doesn’t use consumable products.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Loss

Another great treatment option for hair loss is PRP, and it uses your own platelet-rich plasma. The science behind this treatment is regularly used for plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry.

In fact, some of the most well-known athletes have used PRP therapy for hair loss, and for many years, platelet-rich plasma has been a popular treatment option for progressive hair loss. During this treatment, a sample of your own blood is drawn and modified, and it’s used to activate the blood that flows around your scalp.

Before the procedure, your scalp will need to be numbed, which eliminates unwanted discomfort. Depending on the situation, other ingredients might be added to the PRP mixture. When used for hair regrowth, this treatment option has several benefits to offer.

A major benefit of PRP is that it uses your own blood. After a centrifuge is used to separate the different components of your blood, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp. Another major benefit of using PRP for hair regrowth is the success rate, which is very high.

In many cases, the platelets can reverse or stop a patient’s hair from thinning, and results from the treatment appear over the span of multiple months. A gradual process is better for hair regrowth because it gives you time to adjust to your new hair. It also provides natural-looking results.

Learn More About Your Options for Hair Regrowth

If you’re dealing with thinning hair or hair loss, Sunetics and PRP hair restoration treatments at Orlando Dermatology can both help to stop or reverse the problem. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our medical spa in Orlando.

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