Body injuries can happen to anyone anytime due to road accidents and other forms of bodily harm. These injuries, however, leave scars on your body some which are permanent and make your general body appearance look unpleasant. While some say that getting rid of scars is impossible, Stratamed is a product that will have you thinking otherwise. Stratamed is a silicone-based gel that will help you get rid of blemishes and also heal wounds quickly. Stratamed is specially made to enhance your general body appearance and boost your confidence. If you have any problem in getting rid of scars from injuries, this product may be able to help you.

Who Can Use This Product?

Stratamed is a silicone-based gel that is made from organic products that one applies to wounds before dressing to facilitate maximum healing and eliminate scars. Therefore, any individual that has a bruise or scars formed from injuries can use this product. This product can also be used by individuals who have undergone surgeries and are worried about developing scars.


This product is a wound dressing that is clinically graded, provides protection to your wound and is waterproof, thus locking moisture in the injured area. This product dries quickly, is thin, and is thus flexible to use. Stratamed is personalized to suit all skin types and therefore very safe to use. It also protects your skin from unwanted germs such as debris and soothes your skin as well.

How This Product Works

Stratamed is applied once or twice a day. It is infused with essential growth factors that promote wound healing and protect it as well. These factors interact with the epidermal cells on your skin to repair the damaged area. The gel is formulated to mimic as a skin barrier, therefore, providing an effective environment for your wound to heal and prevent scarring.


Stratamed product can be purchased at our clinic in Orlando. You can visit us today to get a consultation on any scarring or wounds that you have and want to get rid of. Our doctors are professionals and will equip you with the necessary knowledge that you need in regards to your scars and any wound.

If you are interested in this product, contact Orlando Dermatology today to schedule your consultation! We are conveniently located in Orlando, FL.

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