Your journey to perfect skin isn’t one that happens overnight, particularly if your goal is to reverse visible signs of aging and reduce any skin scarring. In a practical sense, this means that you need to choose the right treatment to produce the results you want. At Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL, we believe that radio frequency microneedling is an ideal solution for virtually all aesthetic concerns.

How Often Can You Do RF Microneedling?

Your treatment frequency is important, especially if you need to build collagen to reduce scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. The more consistent your treatment is, the better and quicker your results will be. For most patients, the ideal treatment frequency for RF microneedling is once every four to six weeks.

The frequency of your treatment will depend on factors such as your age and your exact aesthetic concerns. For example, mature patients who are using this treatment to reduce skin laxity and other signs of aging might benefit from treatments that are spaced one month apart, while younger patients using this treatment for dark spots may only require treatment once every six weeks. All patients using this treatment for scarring should have the treatment once a month.

How Does Radio Frequency Microneedling Work?

RF microneedling is an innovative combination of both radiofrequency treatments and microneedling treatments. Radiofrequency treatments are energy-based therapies that are designed to use gentle heat to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative response, specifically to build more collagen. Microneedling, on the other hand, is more diverse and can be used to correct a variety of superficial skin concerns.

RF microneedling combines these treatments into a single handheld device that combines radiofrequency thermal energy with the minimally invasive penetration of microneedling. During your treatment, this handheld device will be applied to your face to target all areas of treatment. Your treatment appointment will take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete for the face, and additional time if you wish to treat other areas of your body.

Why Does Radio Frequency Make Microneedling Better?

By itself, microneedling is capable of stimulating a higher production of collagen over time. However, when combined with radiofrequency, the effectiveness of these treatments doubles due to how much more deeply the thermal energy of radiofrequency can reach the sub-dermal layers of skin. The deeper level of penetration allows a greater amount of collagen stimulation and produces faster results.

What Skin Concerns Can This Treat?

Radio frequency microneedling is capable of treating both superficial and sub-dermal skin concerns. Superficial skin concerns include sun damage, dark spots, uneven skin tone, pigment issues, uneven skin texture, skin dryness, skin laxity, fine lines, enlarged pores, scarring, and minor wrinkles. Sub-dermal skin concerns largely refer to those caused by aging, such as wrinkles, loose skin, and uneven skin tone.

Why Is This Treatment Ideal for Anti-Aging?

This is an ideal treatment for acing because it treats both the visible signs of aging and the root cause of age-related skin concerns. A majority of age-related skin concerns are caused by a natural decline in collagen production associated with aging. When collagen production can increase as a result of this treatment, the visible signs of aging can be reversed.

Why Is This Treatment Optimal for Scarring?

This treatment is also ideal for those who are battling against scarring of all types, including wound scarring, stretch marks, and acne scarring. This is because most scars are caused by a build of up collagen and fibrin found in scar tissues, including scar tissue that forms as a result of acne inflammation and injury. The combination of this treatment can both break down old scar tissue and smooth the appearance of visible scarring.

Is This Treatment Safe for All Skin Types and Tones?

Yes, this treatment is ideally suited for all skin types and skin tones. It’s sometimes the case that energy-based treatments are incompatible with medium-to-dark skin tones due to an elevated risk of pigmentation. However, because radiofrequency primarily uses thermal energy, there is no heightened risk of adverse pigmentation reactions, even for very dark skin.

Likewise, some aesthetic techniques for exfoliation can be incompatible with certain skin types, such as oily or sensitive skin. Microneedling, however, does not pose a risk to delicate or combination skin types. In fact, microneedling is universally compatible with all skin types, including acne-prone skin that produces too much oil. This is because microneedling by itself can help level out sebum production in the skin’s pores.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Most patients will require an initial series of at least three to four treatments to see the desired results. You may require more treatments if you have moderate-to-severe skin concerns, such as deep acne scarring or dynamic wrinkles.

After your initial round of treatment, you will need to maintain your results by scheduling annual or bi-annual treatment appointments to encourage further production of collagen.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Treatment?

This treatment is ideal for patients of all genders, ages, skin types, and skin tones. From anti-aging concerns to restoring skin health to control acne breakouts to reducing the amount of visible scarring, RF microneedling is the optimal choice for your aesthetic goals.

Rejuvenate Your Skin Health With RF Microneedling Treatments!

If you want to have perfect skin, then it’s time to get serious about the tools you are using for your treatment. The key to rejuvenating your skin health and getting the Instagram worthy perfect skin of your dreams is with radio frequency microneedling. Contact Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL to schedule your initial consultation today.

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