According to the EPA, up to 90% of visible skin damage that contributes to aging comes from harmful UV rays. In addition to unprotected sun exposure, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and various other factors can affect the way your skin looks.

But now, there’s Lumecca IPL, a treatment that can help restore clarity and a healthier, more youthful appearance to your skin. At Orlando Dermatology, we offer Lumecca IPL to treat sun spots, rosacea, and more. Read on to learn all about Lumecca IPL and its benefits.

What Is Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca IPL is an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment that can help reduce signs of aging on your skin. It can also treat pigmented and vascular lesions. It’s a stronger pulsed light than what’s used in traditional IPL procedures, and it works particularly well to diminish blemishes and skin irregularities.

Lumecca IPL uses photo-thermolysis to deliver the results you want with specific wavelengths of light that interact with brown and red skin pigments. Unlike other laser options, we can customize the wavelengths to each treatment area. The light destroys the pigments.

Of all of the cosmetic procedures out there, Lumecca IPL is one of the most effective at treating sun damage.

To provide such effective results, we use a special handpiece equipped with a xenon flash lamp. Depending on the treatment areas or the results you want, we can apply different lenses over the Lumecca IPL device.

With Lumecca IPL, we can treat:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Vascular lesions
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone

The best candidates for Lumecca IPL are people in general good health with any of the above skin damage. Unlike other IPL options, Lumecca IPL works just as effectively on dark skin as it does on light skin.

If you have undiagnosed skin lesions, are pregnant, have a history of seizures, have autoimmune diseases, or have a poor skin healing history, we will look for alternative treatments.

Preparing for Lumecca IPL

The first step to getting Lumecca IPL treatments is to schedule a consultation with us. We will look at your skin and assess your overall condition. Let us know about any medications you take and give us a full account of your medical history.

To receive Lumecca IPL, you need to have gone at least 12 months without taking Accutane.

A week before your treatment, stop using Retinoids, Retin-A, bleaching creams, and antibiotic creams. This is especially important if you are taking antibiotics that cause light sensitivity.

You need to wait three weeks after Botox and other injectables before receiving Lumecca IPL. If you have recently had Radiesse or Sculptra procedures, you will have to wait about three months.

Also, you must stay out of the sun for three weeks before your Lumecca IPL treatment.

Lumecca IPL Procedure and Recovery

On the day of your appointment, men must come with a freshly shaved face and women want to come with a clean face. Don’t wear makeup, lotions, or sunscreen.

We recommend that you arrive at the appointment at least 30 minutes early so that we can apply a numbing cream.

We will apply an ultrasound gel to the treatment areas and give you goggles to wear to protect your eyes. We will then place the device on your skin and begin treatment. You may see bright pulses of light. Treatment typically lasts five to ten minutes, and then you can return to your life.

Right after the procedure, you may want to apply an ice pack to the treatment area.

Continue to avoid direct sunlight, as well as tanning beds, for at least three weeks after your Lumecca IPL treatment. Avoid exfoliation, including scrubs, and remember not to pick, rub, or scratch your skin.

In addition, you should avoid heat, including saunas and baths, and strenuous exercise. Even hot yoga is off limits while you recover. You shouldn’t use peels, acids, or Retinoids for at least two weeks after your procedure.

We recommend cool water soaks and gentle cleansers. If you’re not sure exactly which products to use, we can give you a list of recommendations.

You may start to see results a few days after your first treatment session, with results becoming even more pronounced in ten days to two weeks. Depending on your condition, we will come up with a treatment plan for follow-up sessions, but you will have to wait at least two weeks before a new treatment.

For some people, Lumecca IPL results can be very long-lasting, but for most people, they last for six months to a year.

Benefits of Lumecca IPL

This non-invasive treatment does not require downtime. It’s a quick procedure that many people get over their lunch break. The results are also quick to appear and you will usually require between one and three sessions.

Unlike other IPL treatments, Lumecca IPL works well on both dark and light skin tones.

Turn to Lumecca IPL in Orlando, FL

If you have skin lesions, sun damage, or other conditions that make your skin look older, Lumecca IPL may be the solution for you. With quick results over only a few sessions and long-lasting effects, Lumecca IPL is one of the most popular options for skin pigment concerns.

At Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL, we offer Lumecca IPL as well as many other non-invasive cosmetic options to help you look your best. We provide an open and caring environment at our clinic so that you always feel comfortable.

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