If you’ve had a cosmetic procedure, you may wonder about the healing process and how it can be done in a way that prevents scarring. Because of this, the professional experts at Beau Terre Advanced Skin Clinic at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, Florida would like to introduce you to Stratamed, a transparent wound dressing.

What Is Stratamed?

This is a sterile, self-drying gel that can speed up the healing process after cosmetic procedures or treatments. Stratamed forms a complete, specialized wound dressing, and, as a result, it completely minimizes abnormal scarring. It’s even appropriate to use on open wounds and skin that may be torn or compromised.

When Stratamed completely dries, its thin, flexible layer provides protection. It is waterproof, but at the same time, it can hydrate and protect skin and open wounds from infection. The bottom line is that it creates an ideal environment for healing. When your wounds are encased in this ideal environment, they heal without scarring.

Because of its unique and incredible features, it can be used after a wide range of cosmetic treatments including:

  • Facial cosmetic procedures
  • Tattoo removal
  • Scar revision
  • Chemical peels
  • Body cosmetic procedures


How Does It Help With Wound Dressing?

An appropriate wound dressing is vital to the healing process. For cosmetic treatments, it’s even more important because proper healing means freedom from scarring.

The challenge is that there are several delicate areas where a physical dressing is difficult to use at best. In many cases, it may be impossible to use a physical dressing in these places.

What Areas Are Difficult for Physical Dressings?

These places are:

  • Areas with mobility
  • Places with wet skin
  • Areas with increased friction

Imagine the difficulty of trying to apply a traditional wound dressing to a delicate area such as the eyelids or a place like the lips that are moving almost constantly. When you realize the challenges many dermatologists face, you’ll realize why Stratamed is such a great tool.

How Is Stratmed Different?

Stratamed is different from physical dressings in many ways. One of the issues with physical dressings is that they often don’t create a full-contact surface. Why? Because it’s not unusual for air bubbles to develop underneath the dressing. As a result, you also have irritation around areas like the nose, eyes, and lips.

Stratamed is a film-forming wound dressing that is completely transparent. It’s made in the form of silicone gel, and because it is so flexible and adaptable, it makes a full-contact surface. Perhaps even better, there are no side effects with Stratamed because the ingredients are compatible with your body’s natural skin cells.

What Are Other Benefits of Stratamed?

Because it dries into a protective sheet, it’s able to have 24/7 contact with the wound, keeping it as clean and as sterile as possible. It also offers faster re-epithelialization, which is the process of reconstituting skin cells in order to cover a wound. This also helps prevent scarring. In addition, it also minimizes any inflammation and protect open wounds from infection.

Comparison of Dry Wound to Moist Wound Healing

To fully appreciate the value that Stratamed brings, it helps to have an understanding of dry healing versus moist healing.

Dry Wound Healing

In most dry wound healing, when the wound is exposed to air, it dries out and then forms a scab. While the scab does protect the area from getting contaminated, the healing is also much slower. As a result, cells will generally find their way below the wound bed in order to find an area that is moist. This is one reason why it takes these wounds so long to heal.

Moist Wound Healing

By comparison, moist wound healing allows prime cell reproduction in addition to better neovascularization. Neovascularization is a natural formation of new blood vessels. Stratamed imitates your natural skin barrier. As a result, it creates a more moist environment to help your wounds heal. This manner of healing eliminates scarring.

How Is Stratamed Used?

Our health care professionals will provide all the details you need for using Stratamed Uk. However, in general, you would apply a thin layer of the gel to the affected area and then allow the gel to dry. We will tell you how often Stratamed should be applied, but it’s usually once or twice daily on exposed areas of skin. When Stratamed dries, you can cover it with make-up or sunscreen. You can even apply pressure garments.

Can I Be Allergic to Stratamed?

One of the good things about Stratamed gel is that there are no known allergies to it. In all studies, no adverse reactions have been noted because it is a complete biocompatible polymer.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Stratamed?

Stratamed can be used by those of all skin types because it does not contain alcohol or fragrances. Therefore it’s suitable for children, breastfeeding mothers, and those who have sensitive skin. Just remember that it should not be applied over additional skin treatments unless your doctor advises you to do so. It also should not be in contact with the eyes.

No Scarring With Professional Wound Dressing From Orlando Dermatology

Orlando Dermatology utilizes the best in state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a dedicated and compassionate health care team to get you the results that you want and need. A part of this wonderful treatment is utilizing Stratamed to prevent scarring. If you’d like more information, contact the health care professionals at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando Florida to schedule an appointment.

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