Hair loss is no picnic. It can happen to anyone. It is most common as you get older, but it can strike younger people as well. No matter what you try on your own, there is a good chance that you aren’t going to make any progress in saving your hair by yourself. You can invest in an expensive wig only to find out that they really aren’t comfortable. They’re hot and they cling to your head. They make you self-conscious because you wonder if anyone else notices what you are wearing. You can wear a hat, but the hat has to come off eventually. You can shave off the rest of your hair and embrace baldness, an extreme that many would rather avoid. If none of those options are appealing to you, think about PRP for hair loss at our office in Orlando. It could be exactly what you need to give your spirits and your hair growth a boost.

Why All the Buzz About PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is nothing new. It’s how it is being used that is causing all the excitement in the world of medicine. PRP is produced by your body and is in your blood. It contains an abundance of growth factors. When you have an injury, PRP helps in the healing process.

Cosmetic surgeons and doctors are now tapping into the potential of PRP by preparing injections in highly concentrated amounts. While PRP has restorative powers on its own, it can become more effective when it is concentrated and administered specifically to an area where you need it most. It has been used to treat pain and wipe away the signs of aging. When it comes to hair loss, PRP injections target any area on your scalp in which you are experiencing hair loss. You’re choosing a natural method for hair restoration that could work for you.

What Can You Expect from PRP for Hair Loss in Orlando?

When you seek PRP hair loss treatments in Orlando, our provider will take a blood sample as the first step in order to separate the PRP from the portions of your blood that are not necessary for the treatment. Your scalp will be treated with some type of anesthetic in order to ensure it is numb before your PRP is injected anywhere that your hair has already fallen out or is becoming much thinner than you would like to see. After your treatment is completed, you will need to allow it to take time to be effective.

The PRP hair loss treatment is designed to stimulate your hair follicles so that hair growth will be restored. It will take several months for your hair to start filling in, but it will be your hair. PRP hair loss treatments can help you avoid painful procedures or the use of chemicals that you would rather not apply to your skin.

At Orlando Dermatology, we can help you learn more about the benefits of treating hair loss with PRP during your consultation. Contact our office in Orlando today to schedule your first appointment!

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