CooLifting is an innovative new beauty treatment that is quick and easy, and most importantly, totally effective in returning a youthful appearance. CooLifting is a natural process that washes the wrinkles away by tightening the skin with neither surgery nor medication. The treatment works with a CooLifting device that dispenses a cool CO2 mist that uniquely opens the pores to absorb the nutrients and vitamins in the serum. This unique mixture can be applied to the crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles across the forehead, on the cheeks, laugh lines around the mouth, and about the brows.

What to Expect at Your CooLifting Session

When you arrive for the first session, our professional will consult with you as to what areas you’d like to improve, and the entire process will be explained. The session itself, which entails the powerful, low-temperature, high-pressure application of the CO2 mist, will take a mere five minutes. Results will be evident immediately. The process is swift and comfortable with no aftercare necessary, and to maintain the youthful appearance you’ve just achieved, one session a month will be a maintenance session.

The process focuses on tightening the skin by improving hydration, which washes away the wrinkle lines. The CooLifting beauty device dispenses a combination of the nutrient mixture – a hyaluronic solution and a very cool temperature of compressed CO2 gas. This combination is absorbed into the specific area, and you leave with smoother skin.

One Innovative Treatment Leads to Beautiful Results

CooLifting is the best and easiest way to look 10 years younger with literally no effort, discomfort, or invasion; the CooLifting gun does all the work right there in the office. With no preparation or downtime before or after your sessions, you receive immediate results that are easily maintained for your new youthful appearance. The reduction of the age lines creates a lifting effect that allows your skin to shine.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing skin-tightening treatment, we encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with Orlando Dermatology! At our convenient location in Orlando, FL, our dedicated professionals would be more than happy to explain the CooLifting process, answer your questions, and help you reclaim your youthful looks. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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