One of the most obvious places cancer can strike is on the skin. After all, this is the largest organ of the body and the one most open to the air and the environment. It is constantly attacked by the sun, wind, and toxins, including those with which you knowingly and unknowingly come into contact. However, because the skin is also the most visible organ, it can be the easiest one on which you can see the beginning stages of cancer. When you notice something out of the ordinary, you must immediately seek diagnosis and treatment because early skin cancer treatments are key to experiencing a long and full life.

Know When You Need to Seek Treatment

Skin cancer is often diagnosed by the ABCDE rule. This is a simple rule of thumb that even non-professionals, such as yourself, can use to determine when a mole or other spot on your skin could be troublesome. A stands for asymmetry, which means that both sides of the spot do not look the same. B stands for an irregular or wavy border around the mole. C stands for a varied color on the mole or for a black, white, red or blue spot that appear to be unusual. D stands for a diameter of the lesion that is bigger than the size of a pencil eraser. E stand for evolving and is distinguished by a mole or spot that is gradually changing. In addition, you should particularly pay attention to spots that itch or bleed.

Understand Surgical Skin Cancer Treatments

If you have received the diagnosis of skin cancer, it is important to treat it as soon as possible because many skin cancers can be easily controlled. Surgical removal is often the best way to get rid of all of the cancer at once.

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When treated early, skin cancer can often be stopped in its tracks, and you can go on to live a full and healthy life. However, you must pay close attention to your skin yourself and schedule regular checkups with your dermatologist. This is particularly important if you have a history of skin cancer or if a close member of your family has been diagnosed with skin cancer. If you are ready to take better control of your health and experience improved quality of life, step up for safe and effective skin cancer screenings in our office today. We warmly invite you to reach out and make an appointment with Orlando Dermatology. At our convenient location in Orlando, FL, our caring and devoted team of professionals will be pleased to explain your options in full and answer any questions you may have about skin cancer treatments. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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