The human skin is truly amazing. It has the unique ability to protect the body from germs and other things that attack it. At the same time, it is able to expel liquid and other impurities from inside the body. Skin is the largest organ that humans have. Unfortunately, because our skin serves as a filter for what comes in and what leaves the body, it can become afflicted with different diseases. One of these infirmities that affects the health and appearance of the skin is eczema.

Eczema is associated with itchy, thick and dry skin. While it can happen anywhere on the body, it happens with greater frequency on a person’s face, around their neck or on their hands or legs.

This condition does not respect age. Older people as well as children can have it. Interestingly, when children have eczema, you usually see it on the creases of their knees or elbows.

In addition to the immediate discomfort and itching that accompanies the condition, there is also the risk of further complications. One complication comes when adults and children scratch the itchy patches of skin. They might be left with open sores that later develop crust and that finally lead to a serious infection. There are other complications; for example, if a person has eczema and asthma, the two diseases could interact negatively.

Eczema is usually treated using an over-the-counter cream. Prescriptions are available that provide a more aggressive form of the treatment. If the condition does not respond within a couple of weeks of treatment, you may want to consult our team for a more aggressive treatment.

Additionally, when the condition is accompanied by a yellow or brown crust that is full of pus or blisters that are full of pus, this might indicate that the eczema has developed a bacterial infection. A topical cream will not clear this type of infection up. It can only be cleared up using a form of antibiotic.

Eczema sufferers often have exposed wounds on their skin. Because of this, they are susceptible to serious diseases, like cold sores and herpes. For this reason, individuals who have eczema should do their best to avoid exposure to someone who has a viral skin disease.

There is a next level of eczema that is referred to as eczema herpeticum. While it is very rare that a person would develop this form, when they do, they need to seek medical care immediately. There are very serious complications that could permanently affect a person’s life if this herpes simplex virus is not addressed.

Unfortunately, as with many skin diseases, experts are not 100 percent sure what causes a person to get eczema. Medical professionals currently believe there is a connection between the environment, genetics and a faulty immune system. While there is no permanent cure currently on the market, our team at Orlando Dermatology can work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help relieve some of your symptoms. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our dermatology clinic/medical spa in Orlando.

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