Glowing. Radiant. These are words often used to describe expectant mothers. While there are hormonal changes that give you thick, glossy hair and a certain vibrancy at times, these changes can also negatively affect your skin. Our Mommy Glow services in Orlando are designed to give women like you a little extra pampering and attention that’s personalized to the client.

What are Mommy Glow Packages?

Concerns for your child’s health begin long before they’re born. That means you’re extra cautious about what chemicals and other potentially harmful agents you’re exposed to during this time. If you look at labels and product warnings, it seems there are plenty of ingredients that may pose a risk while pregnant or nursing. It’s difficult to find skin care lines that are safe for mothers and developing babies while remaining effective.

Because your body is using extra resources to create a hospitable environment for a growing baby, it can really affect your skin. This may leave your face dry, sensitive, or vulnerable to rashes and eruptions.

Mommy Glow services comprise a selection of products and treatments that are geared toward the unique needs and prohibitions of expectant mothers. They’re designed to address specific issues that women experience when they’re pregnant, such as skin discolorations, acne, and lack of brilliancy.

What to Expect

Since there are different packages to address skin issues that occur at various times during your pregnancy, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Your visit will begin with a warm welcome to put you at ease. From there, we can come up with customized Mommy Glow treatment plan for you.

You deserve a little me time, especially now. Contact us today at Orlando Dermatology to schedule an appointment at our office in Orlando and learn more!

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