After producing a multitude of cells that become squashed together and die, forming a new section of a hair strand, the follicle goes into a resting phase. As we age, some of our follicles, usually close together on a localized region of the scalp, never seem to come out of the resting phase to once again produce hair cells. This leads to hair loss.

The number of hair loss treatment options are too numerous to mention here but include special creams and shampoos, transplants and protein-rich injections. The latter has been shown to be the most effective because the follicles are actually given a health boost. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is often used to kickstart a rejuvenation of the hair follicles that results in a more normally and naturally scheduled cell growth phase.

About Platelet-Rich Plasma

This treatment was originally developed to accelerate the healing of damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is now used to stimulate hair growth through the healing of damaged, permanently resting-phase hair follicles. It won’t help regrow hair from follicles that are dead and gone, but for those with thinning hair in a localized area of the scalp, it has a proven track record.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is created by drawing a small amount of blood from the client and spinning it in a centrifuge. This separates the plasma and platelets from the red cells. The plasma is then spun further and some of it removed. The resulting liquid has a very high concentration of blood platelets, perhaps as much as 10 times the normal concentration in plasma.

The platelets are full of growth factors including several types of proteins. These aid in healing when we injure ourselves. The same principle applies to the rejuvenation of hair follicles.

How It’s Performed

The PRP is mixed with a thin gel and injected below the skin in areas where hair loss is being experienced. Sometimes it is rubbed onto the scalp after the skin has been subjected to microneedling. The protein-laden PRP stimulates the cells of the hair follicle to reproduce more rapidly, and the newly formed cells are healthier than those they replace.

Results aren’t immediate, but most clients should see visual improvement after about four or five treatment sessions, performed over a period of six or eight weeks. Since the procedure uses only the client’s own blood, there is no chance of cross-contamination or platelet rejection. This makes it a very safe procedure. The only side effect is a pinkish hue to the scalp caused by additional blood and nutrients being sent via the bloodstream to the affected area.

Some Important Information

So long as the client isn’t under a doctor’s care for a serious medical condition and isn’t taking certain blood thinners, PRP for hair loss is considered a safe method for using the blood to stimulate healthy tissue growth.

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