When you hear about moles, what image comes to mind? There are a number of images associated with these blemishes. They are imperfections on the skin. In some instances, they are beauty marks. In other instances, they are larger, raised, and full of hair. They can range in color from black to tan to red to purple. Most are relatively small, being smaller than the eraser on a pencil.

Moles can change in color with exposure to the sun or hormonal fluctuations. They can appear anywhere on your body. Some people have these blemishes on their eyelids, on their arms, on the soles of their feet, and on their genitals.

What Causes Moles?

There are a number of conditions that can cause moles. Some people develop them as a result of heredity. Their parents have them, and so they have them as well. Others develop the marks because of overexposure to the sun. Interestingly, many people have moles in adulthood not because of sun exposure in adulthood but instead because of sun exposure they experienced as a child.

Moles are more commonly seen in individuals who have freckles. They are more commonly seen in individuals who have a lighter complexion as well. A person who has blonde hair or red hair is more likely to develop these spots.

Avoiding excessive sun exposure can minimize the appearance of some types. Moles are seen on individuals regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, and skin color. It is surprising for some to learn that even animals can develop these marks.

What Treatments are Available?

If you have new moles on your body and you notice that they are getting larger in size, or if you’ve always had a mole and you simply want it gone, reach out to our team at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL. Let our skilled medical professional evaluate your skin as this can help determine if and when treatment can help. Contact us today to book a dermatology appointment.

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