Sometimes, the most challenging part of any cosmetic or medical dermatology procedure is recovery. For many, it can be a struggle to take care of wounds if there is a prolonged recovery, especially if the patient has any allergies or difficulties with traditional dressing practices. That said, at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL, we understand that professional wound dressing can be an ideal option for many people.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Wound Dressing?

The professional tactics used to dress wounds are more advanced than ever. Today, products such as Stratamed and Stratacel can be used in the office or at home to take care of wounds after procedures. There are several benefits of using professional products for wound healing, such as:

Superior Sterilization

These products offer superior sterilization of the wound so that you can keep dirt, debris, and bacteria out of open wounds while your skin is healing. This is essential for avoiding infections or bacterial contaminants that may delay healing. With products such as Stratamed and Stratacel, you can ensure that your wound remains sterile and clean so that you can recover more quickly.

Faster Healing

Another significant benefit of using professional products for wound healing and dressing is the fact that these products will create an environment on your skin that helps wounds heal more quickly. Dermatologists understand that your skin requires a specific environment to regenerate faster. This means that wounds must be kept moderately moist but protected from the environment to minimize the risk of infection or scarring.

In the past, dressing a wound has involved applying Vaseline and a bandage to create the best environment. However, modern products such as Stratamed and Stratacel are formulated to create a protective layer of permeable gas that is waterproof but also provides the necessary moisture and growth-promoting enzymes to aid your skin’s natural regenerative abilities.

Reduced Scarring

When you can heal more quickly, you are less likely to scar. By creating an ideal environment for skin healing, you can reduce the chance of scarring, even from procedures that typically leave scars such as biopsies. You may be able to avoid hyperpigmentation or keloids that need to be treated with other dermatology treatments.

Worry-Free Waterproof

Finally, one of the biggest instructions you will need to follow after any procedure is to keep a wound dry, which will limit the chance of bacteria getting into an open wound. However, traditional dressings, supposedly waterproof ones, are typically not adequate for keeping a wound dry. If you have stitches, this can lead to further complications. However, the seal created by the gel in these products is completely waterproof so you can bathe worry-free.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Benefit From Wound Dressing?

Anyone who has undergone a skin procedure or treatment can usually benefit from professional products such as Stratamed and Stratacel. However, the people who benefit the most are young children and people who may have allergies to the adhesive in medical bandages.

2. How Do Stratamed and Stratacel Work?

These products work by using patented gels to seal the wound with a flexible barrier that protects a wound from water, bacteria, and other debris. These products can be used as a standalone dressing or as a secondary physical dressing to achieve a better seal.

3. When Do You Use These Products?

When you are using professional products for dressing wounds, you will usually need to use these products daily for several weeks. These products are typically used after laser treatments, skin biopsies, certain chemical peels, or other treatments that may create wounds on the skin that need to be protected.

4. Where Can You Use These Products?

You can use these products for wound healing on virtually any area of skin, including the lips and around the eyes. If you are using these products on delicate areas, be sure to clear the use of these gels with your dermatologist.

5. How Frequently Should You Apply the Gel?

Usually, people apply these gels for wound healing at least once or twice a day. If you are using these products on the lips, you may need to apply the product more frequently. Generally, you will use these products after bathing or washing your face.

6. Do These Gels Offer Sun Protection?

No, these products for dressing wounds do not include any sun protection. That said, after the gel has dried and created a flexible barrier on your skin, you will be able to apply sunscreen as usual.

7. Are These Products Hypoallergenic?

Yes, these products are considered hypoallergenic. According to clinical research, there have been no known allergic reactions to either Stratamed or Stratacel. This makes these products an ideal option for people who have skin allergies or sensitive skin.

Consider the Benefits of Professional Wound Dressing Today

Traditional bandages may cover wounds, but they have several disadvantages that make them less than ideal options for biopsies, laser treatments, or other invasive cosmetic or dermatology procedures. Professional products for dressing wounds can hasten the wound healing process by creating an ideal environment for the skin with wound exudate that will enhance healing. Please contact Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL to discuss the use of these products and schedule your first appointment today.

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