You are so frustrated because you are losing your hair. You have always had a nice, full head of hair, but that has changed since you grew older. You have tried to change your shampoo. You have bought some of the products that are available in the store to trigger hair growth. You asked your doctor about options an discovered that medication was a possibility. You considered it until you looked at the side effects. You do not want to go through hair graft surgery. Before you give up on your hair, consider the benefits of PRP for hair restoration.

What is PRP and What Can it Do to Restore Your Hair?

PRP is something that is running through your veins all the time. It is platelet-rich plasma. This is the substance in your blood that has a high amount of growth factors. Think of it as the repair crew when you have an injury, a wound, or damaged cells. Your doctor can take the PRP from your blood and inject it into your scalp in any area where you have experienced hair loss. The PRP will repair your damaged follicles that aren’t producing hair. It will trigger hair growth in the months to come.

What are the Benefits of PRP When it Comes to Treating Hair Loss?

When you are searching for a way to bring back a fuller head of hair, PRP offers you a natural alternative. You will be able to stimulate hair growth using something that is actually present in your body already. Your treatment will introduce highly concentrated amounts of PRP to strategic locations. You won’t have anything unnatural being used to treat your scalp. You won’t have to worry about side effects. There is no need to be concerned about recovery. Your scalp will be numbed with local anesthesia before your injections. Injections will be prepared from blood that is drawn from your body and divided into its different parts. Once your doctor has access to your PRP, it will be injected in key points on your scalp. Once you have had your treatments, you will need to wait for the PRP to go to work. In the coming months, you will see your hair begin to grow again in the areas that were treated. You can tap into your own body to get your hair filling in.

Ask Your Doctor About PRP and Hair Restoration

If you are looking for a natural option that will get your hair growing, PRP  for hair restoration could be the answer for you at Orlando Dermatology. Combine PRP treatments and healthy habits to make your thinning hair a thing of the past. Harness a powerful substance in your blood to help your hair start growing. PRP could work effectively for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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