Are you tired of constantly shaving, waxing, and using other means of hair removal? Do you wish you could get back your time and have smooth skin without unwanted hair? With laser hair removal, you can! There are many areas on the body where you can use this treatment to get rid of unwanted hair painlessly. If you’re interested, here at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL, we can help!

Where Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

There are various areas on the body where you can have unwanted hair removed. If you do have another area of concern that is not mentioned, please bring it up to our staff and they will be able to determine if this treatment can also be beneficial in those regions.

The Legs

The legs are one of the most popular areas in which people decide to have unwanted hair removed. Constantly worrying about shaving and waxing the legs can be particularly time-consuming due to the surface area alone. This treatment can remove that unwanted hair, free of irritation or razor burn! This will leave you with smooth skin no matter the time of year.

The Arms

There are a lot of people who struggle with unsightly hair on their arms. Whether it’s darker hair, thicker hair or a large amount of hair, many people would rather not have to deal with hair removal in this area. This treatment, however, can get rid of that unwanted hair so it is never a worry again.

Under the Arms

This is one of those areas where hair removal can cause a lot of irritation that can not only be uncomfortable but can also appear excessively red and agitated. This treatment will get rid of that unwanted hair so you can have smooth underarms all the time without shaving or waxing this delicate region.

The Bikini Region

This area is also prone to razor burn and other types of irritation as a result of other methods of hair removal. This treatment can remove that unwanted hair for good so you can also be confident and ready for any occasion. You’ll also never struggle with irritation!

The Back

Lots of unwanted hair on the back can be a real pain and removing the hair in that area can also be a struggle. Plus, sometimes the hair does tend to come back thicker, especially in this area. This treatment will get rid of that unwanted hair on either the full-back or the partial back so you don’t have to concern yourself with it anymore.

The Upper Lip

Unwanted hair on the upper lip can be tough, especially if you have dealt with it in the past via waxing. That can cause irritation and excessive redness on the face. Plus, it can hurt! This treatment will get rid of unwanted hair and give you smooth skin.

The Great Benefits of Treatment

There are other benefits to this treatment other than it simply removing unwanted hair. Let’s talk about some of them.

Smoother Skin

Most people who have had this type of treatment note that the skin on those areas is much smoother than before. This is because those areas are no longer experiencing the strain of shaving and other hair removal methods that can dry out the skin. Without having to deal with irritation methods of hair removal, the skin is simply much smoother than it was prior to treatment.

No More Irritation or Razor Burn

Without having to shave, wax or use hair removal creams, you will never again have to struggle with razor burn or irritation. This is a huge benefit that many people overlook when it comes to this treatment.

Time & Money

Think back to all of the time you have spent removing unwanted hair. The cycle seems constant and can get pricey, depending on the hair removal method you choose. This treatment will give you back all of that extra time and even save you money as time passes.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Does It Hurt?

No, the device that is used in this treatment targets only the hair follicle and bypasses the surrounding skin so you do not have to worry about experiencing any pain!

2. Is This a Safe Treatment Option?

Absolutely! This treatment has been being performed successfully for many years so there is no risk to your safety or the safety of your skin.

3. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This will depend on the thickness of your hair and hair pigment. Most people see the unwanted hair not returning after about 4 to 6 treatments. However, some people may need more treatments to be free of unwanted hair for good while others may need fewer treatment sessions.

Have Smooth Skin Free of Unwanted Hair Today

If you are fed up with always worrying about removing unwanted hair via shaving, waxing, or other means, laser hair removal can offer relief!  It can painlessly remove unwanted hair for good so you have back a lot of time and don’t have to deal with any more frustrating irritation or razor burn. If you are ready to have smooth skin free of unwanted hair, come see us today at Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL!

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