Skin tags and moles are most often benign lesions found on the skin. Skin tags are small, soft, and often made of fat and skin. Moles are spots of darker or different pigmentation than the surrounding skin. This happens when melanocytes, the cells that give skin their color, clump up in one area. Moles are most often flat or they can protrude like skin tags. They usually don’t cause trouble unless clothing chafes against them, if they are too numerous or if the patient or doctor suspects that they are malignant or precancerous. Here at Orlando Dermatology, we encourage you to learn more about moles and skin tags.

Removing Skin Tags

Many skin tags dry up and fall off on their own. Some people inadvertently remove skin tags when they shave under their arms or other areas. The skin tag may bleed, but it heals. However, people should be careful not to shave moles, especially if they are irregular. These moles can be malignant and injuring them might cause the cancer to spread. Even if they’re not malignant, cutting a mole can lead to infection.

Removing Moles

There are several ways of removing a mole. If the mole is believed to be a skin cancer, a biopsy can be performed and the sample tested. Normal moles do not cause trouble unless they are irritated, but malignancies may itch, hurt, bleed, and fail to heal properly. One way to remove a mole is through excision. The dermatologist gives the patient a numbing agent on their skin, then removes the mole. If they believe that the mole is malignant, they will take a margin of healthy skin with it. The doctor then dresses the surgical site.

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