Are you starting to see lines on your forehead or between your brows? Maybe you are thinking about Botox but wondering if there are alternatives. XEOMIN is an alternative to Botox that is purer and leaves out the fillers. It is effective for those patients looking to prevent wrinkles or those that have built a tolerance to Botox. At Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL we have all of your dermatological treatments and skincare solutions.


XEOMIN is an FDA-approved treatment using botulinum toxin as a neuromodulator to address lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement. The solution is injected much like Botox but has several benefits that give it an edge over Botox. The treatment does not smooth out lines and wrinkles; instead, it prevents them by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles.

Fillers found in Botox are not present in this treatment, and it is a more pure form of the botulinum toxin. The treatment cannot be used to fill in wrinkles or indentations, but patients will see a softening of lines. The treatment is commonly used to address wrinkles on the forehead and mouth and has been a Botox alternative on the market since 2011.

Advantages Over Botox

There are several reasons why a patient might consider alternatives to Botox. After repeated uses, Botox may lose its effectiveness and a new injectable must take its place. XEOMIN leaves out the proteins and fillers used in Botox, so it can be more effective for those patients with resistance to Botox. Fine lines are softened by the treatment, and it is excellent for preventing wrinkles without adding fillers to the skin.

Both solutions have a similar function and use botulinum toxin, requiring the same amount of solution for similar results. They both require retouches occasionally. Botox only takes around 72 hours to see results, but XEOMIN can take four days. The body will not form a resistance to the more pure form of botulinum toxin found in this treatment.

What to Expect

Whether you have been using Botox for a while or it is your first time receiving an injectable, the appointment starts with a consultation. We will identify your needs and discuss treatments and expected outcomes. If it is determined that XEOMIN will benefit your skin, we can begin the treatment. The treatment is typically 20 units divided into five injections and takes between 5 and 15 minutes. The effects will become visible in about four or five days.

The treatment typically has no downtime, and patients can get back to work or their daily life. Some redness and swelling may occur. Patients should avoid irritating the treated area by scratching or heating. Patients will typically return for another session within the year.

Who Is a Treatment Candidate?

Those patients looking to prevent wrinkles and soften fine lines are ideal candidates for treatment. Patients of various ages and genders can enjoy more youthful-looking skin with treatment. Patients should be at least 18, and many patients will consider treatment for signs of aging in their 30s. No surgery is required, and sessions are quick and easily fit into your busy day.

What Are the Benefits?

Treatment can be used as an alternative to surgery and injections with fillers like Botox. It is effective for reducing the signs of aging. The treatment is typically applied to the following areas to reduce the muscle movement that causes wrinkles:

  • Forehead
  • Between the brows
  • Mouth

The treatment helps prevent wrinkles and softens lines. We can complete a treatment session quickly and you will see results within a week. The results last for months before you need to come back for a retouch. Many people enjoy treatments to reduce signs of aging or as an alternative to Botox.

How Long Does XEOMIN Last?

A single treatment session can take 15 minutes and will yield results within a week. The treatment results can last between three and six months. The longevity of the effects is similar to that of other treatments like Botox. After three months, a patient may consider coming back for another session to touch up areas as needed. The treatment longevity varies and depends on your lifestyle and skin health. Some patients need fewer treatments than others.

Is Treatment Safe?

The treatment is FDA-approved and safe for most patients to reduce signs of aging. The treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing and is not recommended for use by minors. If you have recently undergone antibiotics or other injections like Botox there may be a waiting period before you can be treated. The treatment can be a safe alternative to invasive surgical procedures and dermal fillers.

Side effects are mild, and there can be slight redness or swelling in some patients. There is no healing or downtime after treatment. The treatment should not affect your skincare routines or daily life. The treatment risk is similar to Botox, but it can be a good alternative to those who are building a tolerance to Botox.

Are You Ready for Treatment?

If you are considering a safe and quick alternative to Botox, XEOMIN is a potent treatment to relax the muscles that cause folds and wrinkles. Patients will have youthful and smooth skin long after treatment with only a 15-minute session. Visit Orlando Dermatology in Orlando, FL for a consultation today. We offer the best solutions for your skincare needs.

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